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it has been two weeks since my father passed away. actually i still can’t forgive myself for what i had done to him. i din speak to him much. i din accompany him much. i only used my time on sports and games but i nvr did pay attention to my family members when i went back to my home. i knew that he already sicked for one week.but i din go back to pay a visit to him. i din do anything until the friday when i planned to go back i received a news that he was already dead. i couldn’t believe my ear on what i had heard.how can it be so easy…jz died…jz like that. on that friday morning only i received a call from my mum who said that he was ok and already fully recovered.but in the afternoon i received a completely different news. only a few hours away and the thing can be so different..he was a non-smoker..a non-drinker..so what actually happened?is it a smoker and drinker has a longer life span?this is not fair!!!!!not fair!!!!!!!!he was a very good father..a very very good father. anyway he is the best father for me. but how good he is….i can’t deny that i blame him…until now…i seriously blame him for not waiting for me. he did not give me a chance to talk to him even one sentece. what i could hold when i went me was jz the cold, inhuman hand. why din he wait for me? am i really that bad that not worth him waiting…he just need to stay for one hour for me to arrive at home. and five day after the day he died would be my mother’s birthday…it’s too late for me to have the intention to take photo with him. i deeply regret i din take the chance to take picture with him while he was still alive. he din enjoy his life before he died. he was forced to stay inside our 360-day-operate motorcycle workshop to earn money and support our living..nvr did my father and my mother take a day rest to relax.what they think is jz they want to give us the best living quality with their limited abilities. i still feel that my father is around me….protecting me.i love you, dad


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desperate need for fuel

another experience happened on my sister’s new car again…erm..how to say..should i pin point it as a posititve experience or otherwise?haha…i jz arrived at my home at sekinchan.it was such a long and tedious journey to come back from bandar utama.i’m really exhausted.everything run smoothly after we start our journey…the day is getting dimmer and the traffic is semi-crowded.luckily it was no heavy traffic congestion after we managed to get the hell out from the usual jam in kl area.i feel un comfortable all over my body…obviously it’s because i slept late at night yesterday…i slept at 4.30 in the morning…this is all shit man!!!!damn tiring…finally!!!!!hopes come into my hopeless mind……sekinchan is jz a stone throw away now…………………………………………………..

oooooohhhhhhhhhhh Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!! not this time…..haiz…the car jz stopped there is the middle of the road….it had run out of fuel………..my god…what the hell is that…i alomst fainted when i heard this from my sister….why me!!!i want to go back…………after a while my brother came to our rescue and we manage to get back to here….jz a little piece of advice…watch our fuel whenever you go……the anxious feeling….nostalgia…..depressed are not something good to try with……….

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how can i let this thing happened??????

tonight suppose to be a good night man…..why!!!!!!!!this is really a tough weekend for everyone of us to go thru it. the due date for calculus assignment, applicable maths test, chemistry test, and the thing i afraid the most is oral review of Bowling for Columbine.what the heck…..i can’t speak good english….haiz..that’s one sad thing..but  i’m willing to challenge myself to improve also…but now…the worst thing of the day happen!! it far far far far far far worse than everything i’m having now!!!jz now my sister came to my student house from putrajaya.i’m so delighted and cheerful and jubilant. i had my dinner with her at one u.although i need to sleep late because i still need to finish my homework and study.this is definitely not the thing that disturb me…jz now when we want to come back from one u..my sister accidentally knocked her newly bought car to the  bar in the car park of one u…haiz…i’m a trained driver myself and i should have noticed when she is driving too close to the bar..haiz…and the door becomes dented…haiz…why!!!!she must be feeling so bad now.jz now i saw her looks so dull, so heartbroken and so crushed..haiz….is it wrong i went to one u with her???if i were to turn this horrendous life into a movie clip, i would edit away her ordeal like this…i can’t imagine the suffering she is having now…haiz…fuck the parking lot design in one u!!or if it’s the same all over the world, fuck them all!!!!!!!

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new game appear!!!

after dota….after vegas…after red alert…here comes DORAEMON.haha..i can’t believe few of us really get engrossed in the Doraemon games this weekend.haha….i played twice and i lost terribly. the game is so special that it actually contradicts what is really going on in the real world. For instance, in reality, it’s a never-better thing to have a lot of units or have pieces of land together. but somehow in the game i realise that having many pieces of land is not really a good thing. there is an equipment there in which you can accept rental or fines from the person when you step on their houses instead of paying them. it jz change everything, change your status and that’s the thing which make me lost or so to say…bankrupt. haiz…but afterall it’s an interesting game when you are stressed out. you will certainly get jubilant when you get a chance to set somebody up.

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“superman” return

oh..dun misunderstand.it doesn’t mean i have become a superman.haha..once again i will reappear in the blogger world. so it’s jz some trick to attract attention. alright..i have jz enjoyed a one week chinese new year break which was fantastic in a sense that there will be no more holidays between now and june. God know it’s saddening and disappointing. i had a wonderful experience while i celebrated my new year this time. you know..i’m a 18-year-old guy now..the way me and all my old friends celebrate the chinese new year has changed dramatically.i realise that my friends have become mature, physically and of course mentally. The sensation of my body while i’m with them are different, in a way, which is awesome. haha…should i call myself an adult?or is it still a long way to go..hehe..but sometimes being an adult is not a good thing also..jz look at my mum and dad..they started their work on the second day after chinese new year.wow…they dun even have a rest more than 10 hours during the chinese new year.haiz…i feel sad every time i see them working day and night with sweat dripping down from their forehead..when only i can support them financially…..haiz…i’m bad

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an ordeal in BU

yesterday was at the moment my most unlucky day in BU. yesterday it was a bit late when i took my turn to bath. All my ‘businesses’ are swiftly taken care of. When i was on my way to college, all i a sudden all three of my pocket files which are clipped loosely on my motorbike dropped off onto the road. Immediately i stopped my motorbike at the road side, planning to take back all of my paper. Haiz…it’s very disappointing that all the mercedez, Volkswagen and Toyota owner didn’t show any concern towards me but on the other hand they just sped past without any doubt. All i can see after that was my applicable maths, physics and chemistry notes flying  into the sky. I wonder…where goes the sympathy of some of the mortal in malaysia. But luckily i still have some kind and helpful jpa friends in which they helped me to pick up all the paper in the end and i still managed to attend the lesson on time.what a sad thing to say…..

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the tough time is coming closer

this is the first weekend we all have after we went back to our college on 5th of Jan 2009. somehow i don’t want this weekend to come and i feel into nostalgia whenener i think about this. In my mind, i wish so much to come back every weeks to share some times with my parents and siblings but on the other hand, i’m thinking about i’m one day closer to the day when i finally need to face and conquer my BIG problem which is my weak english!!!haha….but thanks for ong’s comment anyway.haha…i’m an optimist.so dun worry, everything will become good in the end.haha…come on!!FREEZE!!!

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first time blogging

wow, today is my first day of having miss.chan’s class.To my suprise, she crammed me with a lot of information and she explained to us clearly about the assignment we are going to have in this 10-month period. As i know, my English sucks.I’m actually headaching about whether i can survive this year or not.From now on i’m not thinking about the TEE exam anymore but somehow i’m thinking of all of my English assignments. From my point of view, it’s a incredible miracle that i survive the ielts last year but now we know it’s a matter of fact that EALD is harder and tougher that i could ever imagine. I wish i could help myself but my confidence is abating and subsiding after the 2-hour talk today. Haha………………laugh more!!!!life will go easy!!!pass the test!!!!haha….i’m asking for help from whoever read this blog.haha….

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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